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​Film Maker, Photographer, and Editor

Sometimes I choose pop-corn, sometimes ice-cream, but most of the time it is a frozen Go-Gurt.  I have found that movies that leave room for imagination are a very high form of art because usually includes most all other forms of art, acting, music, comedy.

Personally, my favorite movies that instantly grab me are time pieces.  Nothing like bottling up an era and then giving a remarkable story that happened at that time.  The lighting, lenses are carefully chosen in each of these as well as the props.  There is art everywhere and I want to understand it more and more.


Time and chance is bringing me to the Land of Israel for my 5th & 6th tour (Dec '16 & Jan '17).  Pictures from Petra soon!  I personally never dreamed that such an opportunity would fall upon me, but when it does you enjoy sunrises/sunsets around the sea of Galilee, the Jerusalem marketplaces, and all you can eat buffets with strawberry yogurt, granola, and preserved figs.

Touring video curriculum is in production.  You and your family can tour Israel virtually with the wisdom/accomadation of a lovable and hillarious tour guide.

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